Gallbladder Flush

A Gallbladder flush can be performed at home instead of going to see a doctor. You may need to do this every once in a while to help prevent painful gallbladder stones from storing. You will know when your gallbladder is causing concern when your experience a wide range of problems, ranging from bitter tastes in your mouth to chest pains. Your gallbladder and liver work closely together and gallbladder problems can occur from a combination of poor liver function and incomplete gallbladder contractions.

If you do develop gallstones then you will become very ill, have nausea, chills and jaundice. You should go straight to your doctor if you experience any of this symptoms.

It has been suggested that eating a lot of very cold dairy products, foods rich in spices and stress can cause your liver and gallbladder to act up. If you have experienced any of these then you may wish to follow the flush procedure below.

There is a very basic 1 day gallbladder flush that will suit most people. During the course of the dat eat around 5 green organic apples. They have to be green as this has shown to be more effective at flushing the gallbladders than red ones. Right before bed mix 2/3 cup of body temperature olive oil with 1/3 cup of fresh lemon juice. Drink this then go to bed on your right side with your legs drawn up to your chest. Stay in this position if you can as you sleep and you will find that if you have any gallstones they would have passes through your stool.

That is a basic gallbladder flush you should perform before trying more advance ones.

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